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Co Founder/ Website Creator

Living in sunny Southern California, Stephanie enjoys writing teen and young adult fiction, while researching and studying mental health disorders and studying psychological kinesiology on her spare time.

Stephanie’s Most Popular Articles of 2020

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Somdatta (Twinkle)

Co Founder

Coming from diverse India, Somdatta likes reading and writing almost all genres. A music lover at heart, she’s also interested in technology and space.

Twinkle’s Most Popular Articles of 2020

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Born and raised in the fast paced city of Johannesburg, South Africa, Iman can most likely be found searching for peace in literature.

Iman’s Most Popular Articles of 2020

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Anna lives in Brisbane, Australia. If you ever meet Anna, you’ll find her with a novel and a worn pink journal that she carries around everywhere. Anna plans to study a double degree in Science and Arts once completing high school.

Anna’s Most Popular Articles of 2020

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Elaine is a college student in the United States, studying Liberal Arts. She loves the subject of cultures, Psychology, design, and writing. She enjoys listening to music (such as Queen and The Beatles), memorizing the countries and flags of the world, and drawing.

Elaine’s Most Popular Articles of 2020

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From black and white fashion to makeup artistry, Saranya loves fiction writing and reading vintage magazines

Saranya’s Most Popular Articles of 2020

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James Matthews is a full-time student from England. He studies History, English Language and business studies. In the future, he would like to publish a book. He writes poetry, prose and fiction for the love of writing and he loves what he does. He firmly stands by his ethos – “writing- intriguing me, intriguing you”.

James’s Most Popular Articles of 2020

Entertainment – The Catalyst of the UK

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Living in a town where the weather is constantly changing, Rose, also known as Dani can be found eating cake while hiding from her little brother. Dani is a free spirit who loves nothing more than cuddling puppies, she is in love with reading all sorts of books and definitely loves writing books of her own. She is what you call a mini psychologist and has a heart as big as earth but make her mad and you will regret it.

Dani’s Most Popular Articles of 2020

Social & Network – A Look Inside the Mind of a BULLY

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Gleidis is a writer from the Dominican Republic who loves black and white movies, writing, and her cat. When she’s not lost in romance books, making music or dancing bolero, you’ll find her teaching literature and language arts.

Gleidis’s Most Popular Articles of 2020

World of Writing- The Last Love Story on Earth



Johnson, an African writer who hails from Nigeria, is an all round writer and lover of the fiction genre which he majors in.

Jay’s Most Popular Articles of 2020

Entertainment – DOLLY PARTON: Life, Success, and Fame



Amaya Frost is a high-school freshman at the Cambridge International School and currently preparing for her first-year board exams. When she isn’t glued to the pages of a book, she spends time sketching random people in her sketch pad, listening to music, and trying very hard not to be the worst basketball player. 

Amaya’s Most Popular Articles of 2020

World of Writing – Newspaper Clippings


Graphic Designer

From creating effective to beautiful visual creations, Nadar loves graphic designing.  She also loves reading fiction and fashion.

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