Grayson Rogers: Country Singer on the Rise

Iman’s Space

February 29, 2020

Grayson Rogers is a country singer, fitness enthusiast and a dedicated husband. His uplifting music is exactly the kind of thing we search for here at The Aesthete. His acoustic melodies and silky smooth voice go hand in hand to create amazing music. In this interview, Grayson talks to us about all things ranging from his new music to where it all began for him.

“One of my absolute favorite songs by you is a song called Outta These Songs. It’s such a sincere and romantic song.” I am a sucker for acoustic music. Outta These Songs grabbed my heart the second I heard it. “Now, that’s just my humble opinion. What do you think is the best song you have created and why?” I asked Grayson.

“The best song I believe I’ve ever created is yet to be released,” Grayson hinted. “As an artist, I believe that my next song is always the best. So to answer your question, the songs that I’m about to release this year will be my best yet!”

“The wedding music video for One And Done is so breathtakingly beautiful.” I said, thinking back to the cute video. “Not only are you sharing a special day with your listeners, you are also sharing a part of your life with them. What made you decide to do this music video in particular?” I asked. 

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“To be honest, that was my lovely wife’s idea to do that video,” Grayson admitted. “I agreed to do it with her, because I feel that as an artist it’s super important to be open and transparent with the people who follow and support me; giving them the highs and lows of my journey through music, as well as my life. And obviously my wedding night was a huge highlight!”

“What is the story behind the beginning of your musical career?” I asked Grayson. 

“How my music career started was by one simple comment from a longtime family friend of mine. We were sitting in the car one night picking up her husband from work. As we were waiting, the song Lover Lover came on the radio. I began singing along to the song and she looked at me and said, ‘you should try out for American Idol’. I thought she was crazy, but then I thought about it, I put up some videos on YouTube. My aunt and uncle had heard them after I shared the videos on Facebook. They called me and told me that I had potential and should pursue it. They were generous enough to get me voice lessons, and off I went. That’s how I began singing! And obviously I grew a passion for singing, performing and entertaining.” 

“There is a song you have recently released,” I told Grayson. “It’s called Stay Ready. Stay Ready has a different sound to it. It’s got more of a rock element to it, which I really like. What inspired this switch in style for you?” I asked.

“When I first moved to Nashville, I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what I was doing or who I was as an artist. I got away from being myself in my music. So I recorded a bunch of songs that I liked and they were good songs, but they just weren’t entirely me,” Grayson shared. “Along this Nashville journey, God blessed me with a great mentor who gave me some advice. He said that in order to get people excited, you need to be different! And so I thought, no one can be me. So I just went back to writing and recording music that was a true representation of myself. I’m a country music fan, who started lovin’ rock early in my teens. So Stay Ready is the beginning of the new sound, and it’s me through and through.” 

“What is the best advice you have ever been given as a musician?” I asked Grayson for our final question.

“The best advice I’ve ever gotten is to just be yourself. Period. End of story. And I would advise anyone in whatever they do to not try and copy someone else or to force something that’s not you. It will never work. Even if it does, you won’t be happy or excited about it.” Grayson advised.

The passionate, dedicated and talented Grayson Rogers is truly an inspiration to us all.

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3 thoughts on “Grayson Rogers: Country Singer on the Rise

  1. I love his voice and his music. He is so thankful for his lovely wife Mrs.Kayla. Hope all is well with her and her journey along side her husband Mr. Grayson Rogers. Good luck and best wishes to the both of them.


  2. My husband and I were fortunate to see and hear Grayson in person. Such heartfelt and mesmerizing lyrics in his music. The feelings that come through his voice can bring me to tears! Definitely an artist to follow on his way up!!

    Fans from Vermont

    Liked by 1 person

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