James’s Word

March 16, 2020

Bored.Waiting.Phone in hand.
Tapping rhythm upon the screen;
Creating a rhyme that resonates with me,
Creating a mental home to keep me safe.

Lyrics flow across the screen as
I type vigorously;
Not thinking of the words that flow out
From my sore fingers.

Waiting. Waiting for people to acknowledge my world
A world that I love
But they don’t know.
A world they’re missing out on.

A world of writing
Is all that I need to take my mind off
Life and all the important things
That I ‘have’ to do.

I switch off.
And become unbored.

Writing sets me free,
Let’s me imagine a world I want to live in.

Poetry is just a short story;
Easy to write, and emotionally enriched. 

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