Unity is Strength

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January 18, 2020

The NRC bill in India has attracted the attention of not only citizens, but people from all around the world. Protests have come in from distant corners of the country, in support of Muslims. People are standing up, together, hand-in-hand, whether they are related to the cause or not.

Protests throughout the streets of India
(Taken from Google Images)

Even in the case of the States, we have seen people joining their support against Donald Trump, which eventually lead to his impeachment. This in itself shows that unity of the people can do much to solve a problem and bring about the betterment of the world.

Protests on the streets of major cities in the United States
(Taken from Google Images)

This is proof showing that when people stand up for a cause, together, they can help make great changes.

We have seen people joining hands over a number of causes, such as NRC, the Alabama Abortion Bill, Brexit, etc. However, some issues that require bigger notice often fall under the huge pile of issues that do catch people’s notice. 

It is the public that is capable of bringing about a change. Without the public’s unanimous choices, politics and corruption would’ve won a long time ago. And maybe they have, but the people are not ready to let go of their rights and opinions yet. And a good thing too.

Only the public has the power to resolve these issues with their voices


There are problems that require the public’s intense attention. Gender equality is still an issue. Yes, we have progressed a lot. But there are still places around the world, and people who are dead against same-sex affairs. There are still countries where women are treated like objects, and people inside closets, remain inside it. Only the public has the power to resolve these issues with their voices. Yes, it will take time. A lot of time. But I believe that unity among the people, can do great things.

So I request to the people, let us join hands! Let us fight for what we believe in, fight for what is right, fight for the rights of the people. Let us bring humanity back to this world. And together, I believe we can do it.

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