American Music Awards 2019

Twinkle’s Lane

December 12, 2019

Don’t we all love music? Well, I bet you do. 

From pop, rock, metal, and country, we all love our different genres. Some of us even choose to listen to everything. I for sure do. 

After all, who can deny the sultry notes of Camila Cabello, the high tunes of Shawn Mendes, the ever-widening themes of Taylor Swift, the rock-metal notes of Guns N’ Roses, the rap tunes of Machine Gun Kelly, the Queen of Pop Madonna, the legendary voice of Michael Jackson, and so much more?

Not to mention, this is the perfect music season going on! The AMAs (American Music Awards 2019) just finished with a huge collection of amazing music. And soon the biggest awards of all will begin: The Grammys! Nominations in the different categories are already driving fans haywire. Who will win? 

The AMAs was a huge success, I must say. The performances were epic. The new version of “Senorita,” the passionate song that drove fans crazy just a few months ago, managed to do the same again. 

Camila Cabello’s stellar performance of “Living Proof” was so amazing that the official YouTube video decided to completely cut out the audience reactions.

We also saw quite a dose of fangirling over Shamila in the AMAs. Apparently, love was in the air.

The winners were all justly chosen, though it was a pity that one category couldn’t have more than one winner. Would’ve given fans quite the glee.

Here’s a list of some of the major category winners:

Artist of the Year – Taylor Swift

Artist of the Decade – Taylor Swift

New Artist of the Year – Billie Eilish

Collaboration of the Year – “Senorita”

Tour of the Year – BTS

Favourite Music Video – “You Need to Calm Down” by Taylor Swift

Also, the “Favourite Songs” in the different genres were amazingly chosen. They are all a must-hear for a music lover! From Post Malone to Lil Nas X to Carrie Underwood. 

Now awaiting the GRAMMYs!

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